Thru the Bible is a ministry that is focused on studying the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.
Pastor Garth Aderholt teaches weekly from the Bible, book by book, chapter by chapter, and verse by verse.
The goal is to learn the Bible by studying it in its natural layout, context, and historical setting from beginning to end.

Currently Studying: The Book of 2 Samuel

King Saul and the prophet Samuel are dead, but God has not left Israel without a leader. David, the boy who killed Goliath, is a famous and mighty warrior in Israel—and the man God has chosen as Israel’s new king.
David is a good king who serves the Lord and cares for his people. God blesses David and the entire nation under his rule. More importantly, God makes a covenant (a solemn agreement) with David, promising to establish his throne forever.
However, David disobeys the Lord and sleeps with Bathsheba, who is married to one of David’s soldiers. David repents, but God punishes him with wars, betrayal, rebellions, and national upheaval. David still serves God throughout these difficulties, though, and God is faithful to His promise: David remains king over Israel.


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